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Land transport

Spanish driver’s license


“The agreement between the Republic of Peru and the Kingdom of Spain was ratified” through Supreme Decree No. 051-2004-RE.

  1. Submit original and copy of current Spanish driver’s license (1)
  2. Psychosomatic fitness certificate issued by health center authorized by MTC
  3. Payment of PEN 24.50 processing fee at Banco de la Nación: Tax No. 1600
  4. Certificate of residence issued by Public Notary, Municipality or Peace Court or Work Certificate, as applicable (2)
  5. Affidavit of organ donation (3)
  6. Two passport-sized color photos with white background
  7. Copy of alien registration card or national identification document
  8. Attaching original valid Spanish driver’s license
  9. Ministry of Transports and Communications shall request confirmation of Spanish driver’s license authenticity
  10. Users who indicate being domiciled in Lima, Peru – as domicile on the national identification document – do not need to submit the mentioned certificate
  11. Only for foreigners

Note: Before carrying out the procedures requested for exchanging the Spanish driver’s license, you should go to Av. Antenor Orrego No. 1923, Chacra Rios, for further detailed information and for sending an official e-mail to Spain requesting certification of authenticity of the Spanish driver’s license.