Vía Expresa de Javier prado

Land transport

Online procedure:

For the purposes of the herein regulations the following definitions shall be valid:

A) Having the processing fee voucher: Banco de la Nación, PEN 24.50
B) Having all required certificates (approved)
C) Electronic application as affidavit through MTC website, where the applicant must:

  1. Enter MTC website (*)
  2. Please, read the terms outlined below and confirm clicking on box
  3. Select the procedure to be carried out and register the National Identity Card number (ID Card) and click again on “Entrar” (Enter)
  4. Enter the code, date and agency number where processing fee was paid
  5. Select location where you want to pick up; continue
  6. State whether you want to donate organs; continue
  7. Enter telephone number or e-mail; continue
  8. Print record of procedure; click
  9. Finish

D) Only people requesting a duplicate must attach the police report certifying loss or theft, or the damaged driver’s license

Note: The record (via web) must be submitted at the moment of picking up the driver’s license. Driver’s licenses processed through this web-based procedure can be picked up at any of the four Driver’s License Issuance Centers, selected by the applicant.