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Land transport

Military driver’s license


The driver’s license issued according to the Military Traffic Regulations can be exchanged for a license of the class and category equivalent to the one established in the current regulations, provided that the driver’s license is valid and that the War Material School Director’s report is submitted, processing the driver’s license for the discharged military driver, who may be available or retired.

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct, granted by the relevant military or police authority
  2. Record of military driver’s traffic accidents or infringements, issued by Military Traffic Judge
  3. Certificate of psychosomatic test and technical fitness, issued by War Material School
  4. Certified copy of resolution and/or document certifying discharge from active service
  5. Valid military driver’s license
  6. Simple copy of identification document
  7. Payment of PEN 24.50 processing fee at Banco de la Nación: Tax No. 1600