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Land transport

Electronic Roadmap

The implementation of the Electronic Roadmap contributes to a better control of land transport trips, provides more safety to users, and enhances controls on companies. The use of this new electronic tool, which is compulsory since May 1, 2015, makes it possible to control a driver’s driving hours such as to make sure they do not exceed the established limit of 5 continuous working hours during the day and 4 continuous working hours during the night, thus offering passengers safer trips.

This system makes online access to the driver register (driver’s license, training course, and penalty points), crew, number of passengers, and vehicle data (current entitlement, traffic accident insurance (SOAT), as well as certification, inspection, testing and verification (CITV)) possible in real time and faster, which allows controls that are more effective. This system also enables people to fill out online in a more secure, easier and more comfortable manner by entering the vehicle’s license plate and the ID number of the corresponding driver. Moreover, it reduces operational costs and saves passenger transport companies time because they do not need to print out the forms anymore and because they do not need to allocate personnel for filling them out manually.

Finally, the electronic road map is defined through a self-generated registration number, which prevents it from being forged.