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Land transport


For the purposes of the herein regulations the following definitions shall be valid:

  1. Applicant:
  2. Natural person who applies for a driver’s license for automotive land transport vehicles, for which he/she takes the corresponding tests

  3. Medical centers:
  4. Legal entity that meets the conditions set out in: TITLE XII of Supreme Decree No. 040-2008-MTC
    Medical centers are authorized by the competent authority to test people’s psychosomatic fitness for being granted a driver’s license.

  5. Psychosomatic fitness certificate:
  6. Document certifying the applicant’s psychosomatic fitness for driving motor vehicles, and, if appropriate, the deficiencies detected and recommended restrictions. The psychosomatic assessment covers the following tests:

    1. General Medical Examination
    2. Toxicological Test (only to be applied to applicants to Class “A” Driver’s License, categories II and III in its different classifications)
    3. Ophthalmological Examination
    4. ENT Examination
    5. General Psychological Test (including psychometric tests)

    The procedure for testing for psychometric fitness for driver’s licenses is currently ruled by:

    - Directorial Resolution No. 13674-2007-MTC/15

    Modified by:

    - Directorial Resolution No. 6694-2008-MTC/15

    The psychometric fitness certificate is one of the requirements to obtain, upgrade, revalidate and exchange the driver’s license. The list of medical centers at national level is available in the following web page:

    Authorized medical centers

  7. Driving School

  8. - Art. 51 of Supreme Decree No. 040-2008-MTC

    The Driving School is authorized by the General Directorate for Land Transport to teach theoretical and practical knowledge to people aiming to obtain a driver’s license, as well as to teach the following courses:

    1. Traffic regulation and road safety
    2. Training for drivers of passenger and freight transport services
    3. Road Safety and raising offender awareness
    4. Sessions to strengthen citizen values and road safety

  9. Assessment Center

  10. Public or private body in charge of theoretical assessment and management of people aiming to obtain a driver’s license.

  11. Certificate of passing traffic regulation exam:

  12. Document issued by Assessment Centers authorized by the competent authority. This document is one of the requirements for obtaining a class “A” driver’s license, Category I, or for carrying out the renewal procedure for the driver’s license in its different categories, through which the driver is certified to have the category-specific knowledge required for holding a driver’s license.

  13. Certificate of passing driving test:

  14. Document issued by the Assessment Centers authorized by the competent authority and certifying that the applicant is able to drive automotive vehicles along public roads throughout Peru. The certificate of passing the driving test is one of the requirements for obtaining or changing the category of a driver’s license.

  15. Certificate of training level:

  16. “It should be noted that the requirement to certify the training level can only be requested from people who do not have any records of having completed at least a secondary education level in the National Registry of Identification and Marital Status (RENIEC, by its Spanish initials). In these cases, they must present a certificate or statement of completion of secondary studies or from any other education entity higher than secondary; in this latter case, it is not necessary that the applicant has finished the studies. The aforementioned requirement is necessary only for new driver’s licenses that are processed subsequently to the entry into force of the National Regulations on Driver’s Licenses for Motorized and Non-Motorized Land Transport Vehicles; it is not required for a driver’s license renewal procedure.”

    In accordance with provisions in:

    Art. 1 of Directorial Resolution 11271-2008-MTC/15

  17. Administrated:

  18. Natural or legal person, whatever their qualification or procedure situation, that participates in the administrative procedure.

  19. Driver’s license:

  20. Official document granted by the competent authority, certifying fitness and authorizing its holder to drive a motorized or non-motorized vehicle throughout Peru.

  21. Driver:

  22. Natural person holding the driver’s license of the class and category corresponding to the vehicle he/she drives.

  23. Course on traffic regulations and road safety:

  24. It is one of the requirements to carry out the renewal procedure for the Class “A”, Category I driver’s license. This course is taught by the Driving Schools. It is a refresher course aimed at updating theoretical knowledge is given, in accordance with the statements in:

    - Art. 25 of Supreme Decree No. 040-2008-MTC

    Note: Holders of Class “A”, Category I driver’s licenses wishing to renew their licenses may choose whether they prefer to take the traffic regulation course or the traffic regulation exam.

  25. Knowledge Reinforcement Course:

  26. The requirement to take the knowledge reinforcement course will be recognized as met when presenting the driver’s training certificate issued by the Training Entities authorized by the General Directorate for Land Transport, according to the statements in:

    - Art. 2 of Directorial Resolution No. 11271-2008-MTC

    It should be noted that the Training Entities providing the annual training course established in the Transport Administration’s National Regulation are:

    1. Ministry of Transports and Communications
    2. Regional Governments
    3. Sectoral Regional Directorates in charge of land traffic
    4. Province Municipalities

    In accordance to provisions in:

    - Art. 10 of Supreme Decree No. 009-2004-MTC

  27. Payment of processing fee:

  28. In administrative procedures, processing fees should be charged when these procedures imply that the entity provide a specific and customized service in favor of the applicant, or based on the cost derived from the activities executed to analyze the requested information. This cost includes operational and maintenance expenses of the infrastructure related to each procedure.

    The fee for processing a driver’s license is 0.9% of the current U.I.T. The payment will be made at Banco de la Nación, under Tax No. 1600.