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Authorization to operate as CNG conversion certifying entity

Validity: Two (02) years

Legal Basis:

Law No. 27181 (October 8, 1999), Paragraph d) of Art. 23 of Supreme Decree No. 016-2008-MTC (April 18, 2008) Art. 2: Directive No. 001-2005-MTC/15, approved by Supreme Decree No. 3990-2005-MTC/15, Art. 5, Part 5.2, modified by Directorial Resolution No. 7150-2006-MTC/15 (December 15, 2006).

  1. Staff List of Conversion Certifying Entity, attaching a simple copy of titles held by each staff member and copy of documents proving experience in premises and inspections of CNG combustion systems
  2. Three copies of record with signatures of authorized certified engineers, according to annex
  3. Professional civil liability insurance policy covering value equivalent to no less than 300 UIT, with annual validity and automatically renewable for the Authorization’s term
  4. Bank Guarantee Letter issued by a bank entity authorized by the Superintendence of Banks and Insurance Companies, and by Private Pension Fund Management Firms in favor of the MTC amounting to USD 300,000.00 (three hundred thousand US dollars and zero cents)
  5. Document proving ownership of devices listed under Part 5.1.3., Paragraph 5, Directive No. 001-2005-MTC/15, approved by Directorial Resolution No. 3990-2005-MTC/15
  6. Copy of valid gas analyzer homologation resolution issued by the MTC’s General Directorate for Socio-Environmental Matters
  7. Copy of resolution authorizing use of vehicle emission measurement equipment granted by the MTC’s General Directorate for Socio-Environmental Matters
  8. Affidavit, according to annex
  9. Payment of processing fee