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Authorization as CNG Conversion Workshop

Validity: ten (10) years

Legal Basis:

Law No. 27181 (October 8, 1999), Paragraph d) of Art. 23 Supreme Decree No. 016-2008-MTC (April 18, 2008) Art. 2: Guideline No. 001-2005-MTC/15, approved by Directorial Resolution No. 3990-2005-MTC/15, Art. 5, Part 5.2, modified by Directorial Resolution No. 7150-2006-MTC/15 (December 15, 2006)

  1. Application according to form.
  2. Copy of the company’s articles of incorporation entered in Public Registries. For foreign legal persons, equivalent document granted in accordance with the rules of the home country, which shall be translated and legalized.
  3. Simple copy of document stating the powers of the natural person representing the applicant and Certificate of Validity of Power, registered in the Public Registries no longer than 15 days before their submission.
  4. Certificate of workshop inspection issued by any Conversion Certifying Entity.
  5. Maps indicating location and distribution of workshop, in the latter case specifying its premises and various areas comprising it, with its respective specifications.
  6. Copy of current gas analyzer homologation resolution issued by the MTC’s General Directorate for Socio-Environmental Matters.
  7. Payroll of workshop’s technical staff.
  8. Copy of contract or agreement with one or more providers of complete CNG conversion devices (PEC, by its Spanish initials) through which regular supply of conversion kits, technical support and technical staff qualification is guaranteed, as well as copy of corresponding registration statement issued by PRODUCE for the provider of complete CNG conversion devices.
  9. Copy of leasing contract, transfer for use contract, loan for use agreement or any other document certifying the infrastructure’s legitimate ownership.
  10. Copy of current operating licensing issued by relevant Municipality.
  11. Extra-contractual civil liability insurance policy, which covers damage to assets and personal integrity of third parties caused by accidents that may arise on its premises, with a coverage no less than 200 UIT, annual validity and automatically renewable for similar periods during the AUTHORIZATION’s term.
  12. For the case of conversion workshops that also perform the full operation of changing gasoline or diesel engines to CNG/LNG engines, an additional authorization by the manufacturer of the CNG/LNG engine or by the local representative authorized to trade and install them on the vehicles will be required.
  13. List of required equipment, machines and tools, according to annex.
  14. Payment of processing fee.