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Socio-environmental Matters

The General Directorate for Socio-Environmental Matters (‘’Dirección General de Asuntos Socio Ambientales’’) is a nation-wide line agency that exercises the sector’s environmental authority and is in charge of monitoring compliance with socio-environmental regulations, in order to ensure the socio-environmental feasibility of both infrastructure and transport service projects.

Its main functions are:

  • Environmental Certification of transport (roads, bridges, railways, airports and ports) and service infrastructure projects.
  • Temporary deputation of environmental certification for infrastructure projects in Communications Sector.
  • Environmental Auditing of holders of projects under the responsibility of the Transport Sector.
  • Proposing standards, guidelines, directives and handbooks.
  • Participation in Multisectoral Technical Groups.
  • Dealing with environmental complaints
  • Giving priority to conservation of biodiversity and the environment, as well as seeing that the social environment develops in an orderly way, in transport infrastructure projects at the organization’s different levels and modes.
  • Contributing to the country’s National Environmental Policy as part of a process towards sustainable development.
  • Actively participating in socio-environmental development policies and plans, with other State entities.
  • Continuously improving, for assessment, approval and supervision of the socio-environmental component of transport infrastructure projects.