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The General Directorate for Concessions in Transports (‘’Dirección General de Concesiones en Transporte’’) is a nation-wide line agency that is in charge of promoting private investment in transport infrastructure and enhancing the concession program of transport infrastructure. It encourages private sector participation in the implementation (construction, improvement and/or modernization) of public transport infrastructure works and the operation of such infrastructure for specific periods.

Its main functions are:

  • Promoting private investment for financing and developing the transport infrastructure (projects with good profitability for investors).
  • Guaranteeing long-term infrastructure conservation, pursuant to international standards.
  • Expanding the infrastructure offer, in order to facilitate and boost the development of the various economic activities carried out in our country.
  • Decentralizing the management of infrastructure conservation, thus reaching service levels for which the users are willing to pay.
  • Integrating areas that are difficult to access to the main economic centers through improvement and expansion of infrastructure, enabling a reduction of transport costs and a market expansion.
  • Fostering the creation of financial tools to revitalize the capital markets.
  • Making conservation management and infrastructure maintenance independent from political decisions, preventing the use of resources for purposes other than conservation in cases of fiscal crisis.
  • Reducing investment-related pressure on government funds, reducing exposure to further debts.
  • Attracting the participation of private investment in transport infrastructure, thus modernizing the services provided to users, through technological improvements.
  • Increasing the safety levels in transport infrastructure, hence reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Decentralizing the allocation of resources generated through tax collection.