Cabecera Acuático

Water Transport

Main Services

  • Granting operating license or its renewal for provision of commercial water transport service for cargo and/or passenger shipping companies at national and international levels (on the sea, as well as on rivers and lakes). (The principle of reciprocity operates).
  • Granting operating license for provision of tourism water transport services.
  • Authorizing the chartering of foreign vessels to operate in domestic waters.
  • Authorizing companies to execute offshore operations.
  • Granting licenses to general foreign shipping company agencies0.
  • Authorizing operation for international maritime freight forwarders0.
  • Granting licenses to Multimodal Transport Operators (OTM, by its Spanish initials).
  • Authorizing and registering water-transport-related services (consultancies of shipping activities, aircraft maintenance, installation and building of TICs, registration of international water transport operators).
  • Formulating projects for improvement of navigability conditions in rivers in the Peruvian Amazon region.
  • Developing national waterways by boosting commercial navigability in rivers in the Peruvian Amazon region.
  • Training the regional, municipal and district governments in formulation of water transport wharf projects.
  • Technical support for improvement and/or maintenance of water transport wharves.