Cabecera Acuático

Water Transport

The General Directorate for Water Transport ("Dirección General de Transporte Acuático") is a nation-wide line agency in charge of controlling, supervising and facilitating the country’s water transport systems.

Its major functions include:

  • Proposing sector policies related to water transport and multimodal transport, in coordination with the related general directorates, ports and waterways.
  • Participating in the formulation, monitoring and assessment of the sector’s development plans related to water transport, port infrastructure and waterways
  • Formulating and/or approving technical and/or administrative standards within its scope of competence and ensuring their enforcement.
  • Issuing technical opinions for approval of the National Port Development Plan.
  • Executing national policies that have to do with transport and transport-related service activities in maritime, fluvial and lacustrine areas, as well as in inland waterways, within its scope of responsibility.
  • Authorizing and supervising the provision of commercial and/or tourism-oriented water transport, as well as activities of general agencies.
  • Authorizing the registration of international freight forwarders.
  • Authorizing and supervising the activities of the Multimodal Transport Operators and the provision of services by Inland Freight Forwarders.
  • Authorizing and controlling the chartering of foreign vessels and/or growth or reduction of fleet, as appropriate.
  • Proposing national and international treaties and agreements, within its scope of responsibility.
  • Proposing investment programs and projects at Inland Freight Forwarders and waterways.
  • Judging, at second administrative instance, the appeals against the resolutions issued in administrative penalty procedures, within its scope of responsibility.
  • Coordinating with the Advisory Council of the General Directorate for Water Transport.
  • Other functions assigned by the Vice-Minister of Transports, within his/her scope of responsibility.

In order to carry out its functions, the General Directorate for Water Transport consists of the following directorates:

  • Directorate for Infrastructure and Waterways.
  • Directorate for Shipping Activities.