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Regional Optical Fiber Networks (RRFO, by its Spanish initials)

Regarding the National Optical Fiber Backbone Network, 21 regional optical fiber projects will be carried out, which will offer internet access to districts, towns and villages in the interior of the country. They include the implementation of wireless access networks to provide the network coverage required for offering users in the district capitals and nearby rural towns and villages’ access to the internet.

This project, which involves a total investment of US$1.163 billion, will be co-financed by the State and operated by private companies. It will comprise over 29,000 kilometers of optical fiber and will make it possible to connect more than 1,517 district capitals (83% of the country’s districts) through a high-speed, high capacity and highly reliable telecommunications network, which means that more than 6,100 towns and villages will have high-speed internet access. This will benefit around 3.8 million Peruvians, 7,225 educational institutions, 3,626 health posts, and 581 police stations, which will have at least one internet connection. Moreover, those households, private entities and other government institutions within the area of influence of the projects will also be able to access the services.

It should be mentioned that the regional projects for Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Apurímac and Lambayeque have already been awarded. The rest will be gradually awarded. Thanks to these investments, it will be possible to provide public services such as tele-education, tele-health, and e-government, which will improve the country’s competitiveness and will bring basic services closer to the citizens.