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Reducing the port infrastructure gap in Peru will provide each export zone with a modern terminal close to its area of influence. This will allow reducing logistics costs and, consequently, increasing productivity and competiveness, which will favor international trade.

The investment committed for the improvement of Peruvian ports exceeds US$2 billion, out of which a little over 25% will be implemented between 2015 and 2017. From this total, US$1.5 billion have been assigned to works that are being implemented and will be implemented at the port terminals of Callao (North Terminal and South Dock), Paita (Piura), Matarani (Arequipa), Yurimaguas (Loreto) and General San Martín (Ica), while approximately US$500 million will be used for improvements in the ports of Salaverry (La Libertad), Chimbote (Áncash) and Ilo (Moquegua), currently managed by Enapu S.A., through investments resulting from private initiatives promoted and processed by the State.

Port of Callao

There are three port operators at Peru’s main port.

New Container Terminal at Callao Port Terminal – Southern Zone (DP World Callao)

This is a self-sustaining 30-year concession with a committed investment of US$704.8 million. The first stage of the modernization activities has already been finished and the start of the second stage is being prepared; for the second stage, an addendum has been proposed, which is being reviewed by the Supervisory Board for Investment in Public Transport Infrastructure (OSITRAN, by its Spanish initials) and specifies the implementation procedure for works and equipment. The investment during the administration period amounts to US$471.3 million (66.9% executed as of February 2015). The works of this stage must be initiated in September 2015, with a total investment of US$194.4 million.

Multipurpose North Terminal of Callao Port (APM Terminals Callao)

This is a self-sustaining 30-year concession with a committed investment of US$883.5 million (65% executed as of February 2015). In November 2012, construction works aimed at modernizing and expanding the terminal started, with a total investment of US$346 million for carrying out the first and second stage. The initial investments include dredging the areas adjacent to the dock, as well as purchasing four gantry cranes for handling super-post-Panamax-type ships, and 12 electric yard cranes. The investment executed as of 2014 amounts to US$154.2 million.

Ore Concentrate Shipping Terminal in the Port Terminal of Callao (Callao Conveyor)

This is a self-sustaining 20-year concession with a committed investment of US$120.3 million (85.7% execution recognition as of February 2015). Construction of the terminal started in August 2012 and it was opened in May 2014. This dock is located in the area adjacent to the northern breakwater and is approximately 200 m long, with a draft of 13.1 meters and capacity for handling ships with a reference size of 226 meters.

With an investment of US$160 million, this infrastructure allows transporting up to 2,300 tons of ore concentrates per hour, as compared to the 400 tons per hour that were previously transported. I.e., shipping efficiency has improved by more than 500%, which has significantly reduced sea freight costs. Moreover, the number of truck journeys between warehouses and Callao Port has decreased by more than 130,000.

Matarani Port Terminal (Arequipa) granted to the Southern International Terminal

This is a self-sustaining 30-year concession with a committed initial investment of US$6.8 million, executed. With Addendum No. 3 to the concession contract signed with the concessionaire company, construction of the new ore dock (Bahía Islay Project) has been enabled, with an investment of approximately US$186 million. As of February 2015, investment amounts to US$79 million including part of the Bahía Islay Project investment, which has progressed up to 55% and should be finished in September this year.

New Yurimaguas Port Terminal – New Reform (Loreto) granted to concessionaire company Puerto Amazonas

This is a self-sustaining 30-year concession with a committed initial investment of US$43.7 million, which is part of the Northern Intermodal Axis. The works of the first stage were initiated in April 2014 and will be finished in 24 months. They include construction of a 120-meter dock with two berths, a 10-meter pier for passengers, a 6,902-m2 storage area for general freight, a 600-m2 storage area for processing, and a 7,994-m2 yard for container storage. As of February 2015, recognized investment amounts to US$6 million.

General San Martin Port Terminal – Pisco (Ica) granted to Paracas Port Terminal

This self-sustaining 30-year concession was granted on April 30, 2014 with a committed investment of US$215.2 million, including complimentary investment of US$80 million provided by the concessionaire company. The compulsory initial works, to be carried out in three years, covering the modernization of the multipurpose berth (Berth 3 and Berth 4) , storage yard, construction of outer harbor, as well as dredging the access channel to minus 12 (twelve) meters of depth, maneuvering area and berths. Additionally, they include the implementation of ancillary facilities and power and water supply lines, as well as the port equipment required for port terminal operation, such as a port tractor, hoists, mobile cranes, and mobile equipment to absorb grains, chassis, etc.

With this project, the General San Martin Port Terminal of Pisco will be modernized to handle local and international freight, receive deep-draft ships, and support the steady growth of the demand for port services within its area of influence. The concessionary company will be submitting the technical file in April 2015, with construction works due to start in July this year.

Logistics Activity Zone

The MTC has been finishing studies for development of a Logistics Activity Zone (ZAL, by its Spanish initials), a large logistics platform in Callao due to bring together the main international trade operators. ProInversión has been put in charge of this initiative.