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July 9, 2015


MTC: Promoting investment and projects in the region of San Martin

The Ministry of Transports and Communications is investing PEN 2.404 billion in road and telecommunications infrastructure works in the region of San Martin, announced Minister José Gallardo Ku, who met today with the regional governor, Víctor Manuel Noriega Reátegui, as well as with province majors.

During the workshop ‘’MTC: Promoting Investment and Projects in the Region of San Martin,” held in Moyobamba, Gallardo explained that PEN 819 million have been allocated to the rehabilitation and improvement of 232 kilometers of roads, while 231 million have been assigned to the conservation and maintenance of 429 kilometers of roads.

Moreover, he reported that the sector is investing PEN 383 million in telecommunications projects; 390 million in IIRSA Norte concessions and the Tarapoto Airport; 15 million in airport infrastructure; 210 million in the implementation of 42 definitive and modular bridges; and 356 million in the Pro Region program.

"These investments represent an effort made by the central government to provide a better quality of life to San Martin’s population, integrating the most distant towns, creating development and facilitating, through rural roads and other types of roads, access to social programs that benefit the most needy,” said Gallardo Ku, who has led similar business meetings with regional and province authorities from all around the country.

Regarding work on the National Road Network, he highlighted the completion of the Juanjuí – Campanilla and Tocache – Pizana stretches of the Juanjui – Tocache road; and he announced the construction start, next year, of stretches II and III (Pizana – La Pólvora – Perlamayo – Campanilla) of the same road. He also remarked that work on the Rodriguez de Mendoza – PE-5N Junction (La Calzada) road’s stretch from Selva Alegre to La Calzada would be finished in 2016.

The efforts aimed at improving the Departmental and Rural Road Network in the region of San Martin include the start of rehabilitation activities, in the first quarter of 2016, on the rural roads Marginal PE-5N Detour – Balsayacu – Río Huallaga and the TMP. R-43 – Churo stretch.

In the area of telecommunications, the Optical Fiber Backbone Network will reach the capitals of the ten provinces of San Martín, while the Regional Optical Fiber Network will provide broadband to 230 towns and villages.