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July 08, 2015


The paving activities on the Huánuco – Tingo María road will be finished by the end of next September

After a working visit to the region of Huanuco, which was attended by the main authorities of this department, the Minister of Transports and Communications, José Gallardo Ku, stated that paving activities on the Huánuco – Tingo María road would be finished by the end of next September.

After highlighting the enormous economic, commercial and touristic potential of the region of Huanuco, the head of the MTC pointed out that activities on this road are due to start in the next days. The objective is to pave the entire road, as the stretch from Chicrin to Huánuco.

“Thus, we are just a few months from having the main stretch between Huanuco and Tingo Maria paved and in excellent conditions, as the Chicrin – Huánuco stretch,” he underlined.

Likewise, he assured that the entire corridor between Tingo Maria and the Cerro de Pasco Detour would be completely finished, with its respective road maintenance contract.

On the other hand, Gallardo Ku confirmed that the Huánuco – Puerto Inca and Codo de Pozuzo – Pozuzo – Oxapampa road corridor is already in its bidding process. Likewise, the connection between Huánuco and Ancash (Huánuco – La Unión – Huallanca) is in its final study phase and will be put out to tender in the following months; the same applies to the Tingo Maria – Casma corridor.

Finally, Minister Gallardo Ku visited the Tingo María Airport and Salvador Bridge, where an investment of approximately PEN 45.8 million is projected. He also visited the town of Santa Maria, where the homonymous bridge is to be built with an investment of PEN 40 million.