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June 06, 2015


Today, Ollanta Humala Tasso, President of the Republic, and José Gallardo Ku, Minister of Transports and Communications, opened the Ciruelo Bridge and its access roads, located in the district of Huarango, province of San Ignacio, in the region of Cajamarca. The regional governor, local authorities and inhabitants of the beneficiary towns and villages, attended the ceremony.

The 169 m long Ciruelo Bridge, which spans over the Chinchipe River, will enable a permanent flow of vehicles, freight and people between the town of Chuchuhuasi (right margin), through which the Jaén – San Ignacio road crosses, and Puerto Ciruelo (left margin). This will benefit more than 20 thousand inhabitants of the district of Huarango and adjoining provinces, for which the MTC has invested a total of PEN 24 million; note that these resources come from the national government.

With this new bridge, the population of nearby towns and villages will be able to cross the river more rapidly and safer. Previously, they crossed the river using a raft ferry, which involved a high risk of accidents. Furthermore, it will facilitate the internal and external business relations because the region’s main production centers will be connected with the main areas where the products are consumed.

"This work is part of the Government’s integration strategy, which the Transports and Communications sector has been implementing with the construction, improvement, rehabilitation, and maintenance of road infrastructure, prioritizing the country’s most remote highland and jungle areas, to thus promote Peruvians’ social and economic inclusion, improve their quality of life and provide them with development opportunities," said José Gallardo Ku, the head of the MTC.

Through the Pro Puentes Perú Program, the Ministry of Transports and Communications has been moving towards the five-year goal of building and opening 1,006 bridges (644 modular bridges and 362 definitive bridges) throughout the National Road Network, 85% of which must be paved by July 2016 and whose maintenance will be guaranteed for a 5-year period.