Cabecera Acuático

Regulations and International Affairs

The General Directorate for International Affairs and Regulation of Communications (‘’Dirección General de Regulación y Asuntos Internacionales de Comunicaciones’’) is the nation-wide line agency that is in charge of proposing and assessing the sector’s policies and regulation. It is also in charge of disseminating the sector’s regulations and policies, as well as of the agenda for international meetings and events, and the sector´s statistical information such as newsletters, forms and general information papers – infrastructure registry and records.

Its main functions include:

  • Proposing the sector’s policies related to communications.
  • Proposing projects for standards, regulations and other guidelines aimed at developing telecommunications and mail services.
  • Proposing terms and conditions for the implementation of public tenders for telecommunications services.
  • Proposing the sector’s position in international treaties and/or agreements in this subject, carrying out the necessary coordination with other sectors.
  • Analyzing the situation of the telecommunications service and mail service markets.
  • Carrying out studies on service convergence, emerging technologies, numbering, signaling, and frequency allocation, among others.