Cabecera Acuático



Legal notice and acceptance

The use of this procedure is only valid for placing complaints before the General Directorate of Communications Control and Supervision. If you wish to make any inquiries, place a complaint due to delays, failure to provide a service or any other act considered irregular in the operation of the administrative offices, please visit the “Contact Us” (“Contáctenos”) section on the MTC’s homepage. Read the following carefully, in order to fill this form out appropriately. The submission of complaints through this website implies that:

  • The complaint is not considered a request made by one of the parties; therefore, it is only subject to the terms internally established for its assessment.
  • The General Directorate of Communications Control and Supervision reserves the right of carrying out the appropriate proceedings to clarifying the issues contained in the complaint; it is in their power to dismiss it if it does not comply with the minimum requirements established for complaints. In this sense, it may occur that there are not enough elements to warrant the imposition of a penalty.
  • Be clear in explaining the facts, as well as in identifying the type of service in question.
  • The information contained in the complaint may be part of an administrative penalty procedure; therefore, this information may be transmitted to the defendant and/or used for internally established purposes.
  • Should you have any documents endorsing the allegations made in the complaint, they must be ratified in writing, attaching those documents you deem appropriate.
  • The paragraph “Description of Facts” may only be used to expand on the data provided in the specific fields. Do not repeat yourself.
  • The defendant can be indiscriminately notified by an email sent to the email account indicated in the form or by certified mail sent to the address indicated in the same form.