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Clearance of telecommunications equipment and devices

Equipment clearance authorizes a natural or legal person to introduce into the country telecommunications equipment and devices; this could be on a permanent or temporary basis and the application must be submitted including a simple copy of the invoice of the equipment provider or the SUNAT's Control Certificate.

The applicant must have a concession, authorization, registration from a current trading house, unless the device is for private use, in which case the applicant does not need to have the enabling authorization and is allowed to introduce three devices into the country per year.

The procedure is of prior assessment, subject to positive silence, while the maximum term for the issue to be taken care of is five business days. The application is carried out online through the Single Foreign Trade Window (VUCE, by its Spanish initials) under the link To access VUCE one must have a Taxpayer Identification Number (RUC, by its Spanish initials) and a SUNAT Online Operation password (SOL code, by its Spanish initials).

Temporary clearance has the purpose of executing tests, exhibitions, displays and demonstrations to check proper operation for a maximum period of six (6) months. Moreover, if the tests require using the spectrum, it is necessary to request the equipment’s temporary allocation.

User guidance

Application form

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Link for VUCE procedure

Clearance permits for telecommunications equipment and devices through VUCE

Online procedure
"If you have a Taxpayer Identification Number and SOL Code (provided by SUNAT), you can access here to request your clearance permit."

Access through Single Foreign Trade Window (VUCE) placing your Taxpayer Identification Number and SOL Code and, after accessing, place a SUCE (Single Foreign Trade Request).

Indicate “New Request” and choose the respective procedure.

Moreover, the specified VUCE manual for registering your clearance permit is shown under the following link:

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