Cabecera Acuático


The General Directorate for Concessions in Communications (DGCC, Dirección General de Concesiones en Comunicaciones) is a nation-wide line agency that is in charge of proposing, granting, modifying, renewing and/or cancelling concessions and/or registrations for providing public telecommunications services and mail services.

Furthermore, it is in charge of managing the radio spectrum and other resources associated with the provision of public telecommunications services.

Its main functions include:

  • Assessing applications for concessions to provide public telecommunications services and mail services, as well as the transfer, modification, renewal and/or cancellation of these concessions.
  • Assigning the radio spectrum frequencies, as well as numbering and signaling series and codes for public telecommunications services.
  • Approving requests for registration in registers for public telecommunications services, value-added companies, trading companies, companies selling equipment and telecommunications devices, and people authorized to conduct theoretical studies and/or non-ionizing radiation measuring, as well as the modification, renewal and/or cancellation of these registrations.
  • Managing the National Frequency Register and the Mail Concessionaire Register, and issuing a certificate of registration in the register of providers with satellite capacity, as well as operator certificates for personnel working in the telecommunications sector.
  • Approving modifications of technical specifications for concessions and radio stations for public telecommunications services, as well as modifications of minimum expansion plans or coverage plans
  • Granting final or temporary clearance permit for telecommunications devices and equipment.
  • Defining the conditions and running the public tenders to grant concessions for public telecommunications services
  • Drawing up and approving technical regulations and guidelines.
  • Determining, requiring and ensuring compliance with economic obligations by holders of public telecommunications service and mail service concessions and other installment resolutions related to these services
  • Other functions assigned by the Vice-Minister of Communications, within his/her scope of competence.